This here is Greg WibblyWobbly's "Are You Being Served?" Wallpapers page 1. All original Wibster creations !! Feel free to check them out and take what you want. If used for anything other than home use.. all I ask is that you give me the credit. I put alot of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention coffee) into these. Just click on the name below the picture to start the download. Should be good on all desktops, Windows or Mac. Screen sized  800x600
Mr. Grainger "I don't know if you lot have noticed, but Greg WibblyWobbly's "Are You Being Served?" site is the best thing that happened to me since Mrs. Grainger got her tongue pierced !"
I'm just a humble yet talented fan of "Are You Being Served"  The name "Are You Being Served?" and all characters are property of BBC. Dear BBC...I own most of your DVD's and video tapes so please don't sue me ! I used the images for the fans of the show. Who, after, all deserve the best... seeing as they  (and I) kick out 100 dollars for each box set of this show alone. I love this show and enjoy spreading the word of all that is "Servedom" !! God save the Queen and all that !!