Your great and powerful ruler of Wobblyland, The Wibster,
brings to you a wallie of each eppy from the Second Season.
These wallies go along with the totally kick arsed
AYBS? Screen Saver I did available on the Screen Saver Page !!!! 12 pictures from each show along with title and show number.
All pictures are from the BBC comedy "Are You Being Served?"
No money changed hands for these pictures, just the Wibster's love for this show and his undying obsession for it.
All pictures are sole property of the BBC, it's just lucky they have someone like me (the Wibster) to spread the word of all that is "Server worthy" for free.
P.S. If the BBC would have a Web designing job open for "Are You Being Served?", The Wibster will GLADLY entertain any of their offers !!!!!