Here are Greg WibblyWobbly's  original Are You Being Served? Screen savers !! Each one is a Wibster original !!! Hand crafted by the Wibster's own hands!! These screen savers are for Windows and should work on Windows 95 to Vista.(Sorry Mac users !!!) Below is a screen capture of each screen saver and a brief description on each one. Enjoy them, decorate your desktop with true "Server" style !
This screensaver has a wav. file of the AYBS? theme song and lyrics to match with it. No true AYBS? fan would be caught dead without this one !!
Greg's AYBS?
8.23 Mb
The Board's AYBS?
591 Kb
This screensaver was done for "Minki's Are You Being Served? and More?" board. The middle features an animated banner for the site while pictures of the cast float around, bumping into each other, changing their course.
This one here is the same as the "Boards" screensaver except that it has a picture of the staff in the middle instead of the banner.
581 Kb
AYBS? 4 Cubes
1.13 Mb
Two cubes go twirling 'round !!
Slocombe, Lucas, Humphries and
Brahms plus a Union Jack to boot !!
This one, after you download, you
gotta stick it in your "Windows"
folder then "right click" and install.
The reason behind that is because
there is no installer for this one, you have to do it manually.

All pictures are from the BBC comedy "Are You Being Served?"
No money changed hands for these pictures, just the Wibster's love
for this show and his undying obsession for it.
All pictures are sole property of the BBC, it's just lucky they
have someone like me (the Wibster) to spread the word of all
that is "Server worthy" for free.
P.S. If the BBC would have a Web designing job open for
"Are You Being Served?", The Wibster will GLADLY entertain
any of their offers !!!!!
AYBS? Seasons 1-10
The Wibster's labour of love !!
This one took a month to do. Every Season including the Movie are featured in this Screenie !!! Each Eppy has 10 pictures moving around the screen as a dance version of the AYBS? Theme plays in the background. A large file but a MUST HAVE for any TRUE Server !!!!
Seasons 1-10
82.3 Mbs
Talking Staffheads !!!!
Here we have the first of the variations of the "Staffheads" screensavers. This one features the staffheads with the boardroom as a background with a plus. When the Humphries head or Slocombe head bump into one of their counterparts,  you'll hear them either shout out "I'm Free !" or "This sort of thing just isn't fair on my pussy."
Downloads as a self executing file, just click and open and it will install itself.  
This one here is just blantant advertising for the Wibster's site and this one only has the Humphries head doing his "I'm Free" with 4 little Wibsters and a flashing banner for my site.
This one should be you favorite !!! lol  
Talking Staffheads
1.35 Mbs
Wibster Humphries Talking Head
1.98 Mbs

Happy Valentine's Day !!! Here is a new one that the Wibster did for the most romantic holiday of them all. Hearts with the staff's heads float around your screen. Everything is in one package so just download and double click and it self installs.
AYBS Valentine's
1.78 Mbs