The Wibster has finally been spending some time on his ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS page that is..well, Absolutely Fabulous !!!! Here is a collection of the wallies I have made in the past few year or so for you to enjoy. I've done up the AbFab part of the site to be just like the AYBS? and Vicar parts with a Wallpaper Central and all. If you have any suggestions of your own that you would think would make a great Ab Fab wallie, then feel free to write and tell me !!! More is coming for Ab Fab so keep checking back !!!
As always, everything The Wibster does is for the fans, by a fan. No money is changing hands and it's free advertisement for the Beeb.
Ab Fab is a BBC productions and just wishes they had affiliations with The Wibster. lol
Click on the Peace Sign to drop me a line on an Ab Fab wallie suggestion !!!
Ab Fab Update

This month we have a **NEW** Eddie wallie !!

The Ab Fab page is now just like the AYBS? and Vicar parts of the site. Look for future changes such as AbFab puzzles and screensavers to come your way. Will be doing more in the way of wallies and such and really want these pages to take off so I'll be putting me nose to the grindstone and doing me best to be ... well Fabulous !!!