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If you love The Vicar of Dibley and if you love to play games then you've got the right page to do so. Here The Wibster amassed hours of fun for all his Wibblys and Vicar's out there !!! You have Crossword Puzzles, Wordsearches and even a Hangman game !!!
All done up in The Vicar of Dibley style !!!!!

Original VoD
Crossword puzzles !!!
The Wibster did them up in
both Printable versions and Java to play online !!!!
Original VoD
Jigsaw puzzles !!!
The Wibster did them up in
a downloadable self contained file !!!!
Original VoD Wordsearches done up in a printable version. Hand crafted by The Wibster himself !!!
Fun VoD style Hangman game to do online. If it's VoD, you know The Wibster will bring it to you !!!!
As always, all picture come from the BBC comedy "The Vicar of Dibley"
No money is passing hands with this site. This site is done by an obsessive fan for obsessive fans. So all my little Wibblys out there in Wobblyland, enjoy what the Wibster brings to you and to you BBC, you should be proud that people like me keep a show going strong !!!